This blog tries to help to solve the mystery „Who was Ric“.

[Update 1. October 2020]: The mystery has been solved

It’s about an unknown artist who signed his works just with the name „Ric“. It tries to collect all findings on the net. There had been a previous attempt to collect information, but it has stalled. The author of this blog was in contact with the one of the predecessor and all hints and informations had been incorporated here.

To make sure this blog won’t add more confusion, I decided to reuse the naming already in use, see the list of known works .

The current goal is to extend the list of known works, to investigate some clues a bit further and to rule out some others. Several approaches will be used to gather some more information and to preserve existing:

  • Monitor eBay listings
  • Investigate hints provided by the readers
  • Try to get some clues by visualising the global distribution of Ric’s works
  • Save occurrences of works in the Wayback Machine

Each print will be presented in it’s own entry, every time a new copy is found, a new post will be created. Each post will get a tag, these can be searched for on the “Known works” page


I’m happy to answer questions using mail . But keep in mind that I’m not expert or art dealer.

Why Ric?

Some years ago I noticed one of his prints at may parents place, and years later I got it as a Christmas present. I was always fascinated by the geometric style of it, which reminded me of the works of Lyonel Feininger . I tried to find out more, but weren’t really successful.

Some years later I found another print of Ric at a flea market, I didn’t like it as much as the first one, but decided to do some research again an d found the original blog . By that time it was already abandoned, so I decided to pick up the work from there.

More about this blog


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To-do list

  • More on Fritz Neumann
  • Contact known art dealers, manufacturers of works related to Ric and Fritz Neumann
  • Integrate the findings of Mark Strong


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