A while a ago I’ve added a post showing a painted tile painted by Fritz Neumann and produced by Rosenthal . Since the company has quite a history they also offer a archive research service. In spring 2019 I’ve send them an inquiry about the history of this particular product and the artist, Today I got an answer. Since I don’t have their permission I don’t quote the reply here. The raw facts:

  • Produced by Rosenthal Handmalerei in Munich between 1934 and 1951, since the mark was only used in this time span - especially for export goods to the USA.
  • A painting by the German painter Fritz Neumann (1881-1919) was used as a template.

Every regular reader will be surprised now and notice that the dates of life and the theme do not go together: The second statement is wrong with a probability bordering on certainty, but so far there has been no answer.