Merry Christmas everyone!

Finally it’s the time in year to eat cookies and do some personal research. I found the following comment on the original blog by Simon .

I have over 30 different lithographs of the unknown artist RIC. Likewise I have in my collection 15 lithographs, which are signed with Fritz Neumann. The lithographs of both artists not only have the same embossing stamp “JCB” but show too clear similarities in motifs (boats, birds, lanes) as well as in brushstrokes. The only artist I know who also uses the stamp “JCB” is Han van Meegeren. In addition, I recognize in his lithograph “deer with fawn” left in the background a boat, as we know it in the style of Fritz Neumann and RIC. For several years I have been searching unsuccessfully for the artist RIC. On the back of some frames I recognized 8 stickers of art houses. I contacted each of them. Nobody can remember the artist RIC. My collection consists of more than 1000 works. None of these lithographs of other artits shows an embossing stamp “JCB”. Therefore the way to identify RIC leads over the embossing stamp of the printer. Does anyone know the embossing stamp and/or the printer? This would be very helpful in identifying the artist RIC. All information is highly appreciated.

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I’m still not sure how to follow this clue, but I’ll add a page for it.

And i’ve also found some more images for this blog. Stay tuned!